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As, making a difference with our high energy and next-generation communication approach is our top priority

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New Normal
Live Streaming

Life is alive in the office, at home, in the production areas. It's alive.


New normally the continuation of your workflow, innovation,
customized live streams for speed and safety.



No any applications download. No confusing directions.


Reach a wide audience effortlessly through your web browser. Have secure meetings with


From conferences, press conferences, training sessions, very special workshops and even concert organizations that bring thousands of people to beer over the web...



Live Streaming Service

You want to broadcast live from anywhere in the world. Let's make safe, quality broadcasts with thousands of broadcast experience that we have carried out so far.


With HD-quality webcasts and different online solutions, VideoEvent is distinguished from its competitors.


Production Service

We prepare promotional films and visual content to make your webinar and live broadcasts effective.


From television programs to documentaries, promotional films to TV news content... Let's open the doors of the visual world together.

Live Stream And Beyond.

View the statistics of your live stream and event flow instantly, and follow how effective your work is.

If your live stream is special, your interface designs should also be special. VideoEvent designers will be with you at any time with graphics with your corporate visuals, exclusive web pages, e-invitations and presentations...

With end-to-end encrypted video streaming, no one you don't want will be able to walk through the door! Unique experiences with forward and backward technology.

Get online questions during your event, text between yourself, easily share your corporate presentations and files.

We ensure your business with our servers in TIER III Certified Premium locations.


Unlike others, we perform your broadcasts with 100% confidence over our CDN production in 5 countries, including Turkey.


We create e-invitations, webpages, custom interface designs specific to your events.


With the advanced error correction technology we use, we provide uninterrupted connection in all kinds of internet conditions.


We use remote control (PTZ) cameras for broadcast quality if desired.


We perform guest connections, audio on and off, graphics to be added to the broadcast under moderator control panel.


If desired, we publish your posts simultaneously on all your social media platforms.


We are able to optimize broadcast quality to be broadcast on social media platforms separately for each platform.

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